October was a crazy busy month of non-stop action with Gradings at all levels at both gyms, Fight Shows, Social events and an intensive Muaythai Seminar with the legendary Sangtiennoi.


Please click here to read all about this months gradings!

2/10 – Yellow Singlet Grading at Miami

3/10 – Yellow Teens Grading at Miami

4/10 – Blue Singlet Grading at Tweed

7/10 – Purple Kids Grading at Miami

19/10 – Purple and Black Grading at Miami

Sangtiennoi Seminar

We also had the pleasure of hosting world class Thai fighter Sangtiennoi at Urban Miami for an intensive seminar. We had 30 members from both Tweed and Miami at the seminar, learning the craft of Muaythai from one of the best in the business.

Fight Shows

At the start of the month, we had 3 Urban Fighters, Josh, Reilly and Luca, fighting on Siam Cup in Beenleigh.

Then Jai, who is the first fighter to come out of our Tweed Gym, fought on a K1 Show up in the Sunshine coast.

And lastly, to close out the month, Whitney fought on the presigious Destiny Muaythai show in Brisbane. Please click here to read a full recap!

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