Unleashing the Magic of Muaythai: A Journey of Transformation and Triumph​

Richie & Melissa Walsh


They say life's journey is a path of twists and turns, shaping who we are, and revealing the strength within. My journey began at a tender age, a victim of the harsh reality that is the schoolyard. The scars of vulnerability etched deep, until an unexpected guardian emerged - my own flesh and blood, my brother. With a swift and fierce defense, he taught me that strength could be found in force. And so, a rough road lay before me, paved with a mantra of striking first, before the world could land its blows.

Teenage years arrived, an uncharted territory of uncertainty, where finding my place in society was a daunting puzzle. In response, mischief became my ally, fueled by the intoxicating mix of violence and alcohol. But fate had another plan for me, one that would turn the tide and steer me toward a different path - the path of Muaythai.

Muaythai, a name that would become synonymous with transformation and salvation. With its artful culture, it reached out and gripped my soul, pulling me away from the abyss and into a realm of discipline, purpose, and redemption.

Craving knowledge, I embarked on a quest for mastery. An ill-fated start as a fighter under an inexperienced muaythai coach led me down an unexpected path - the path of a coach. No longer just a warrior of the ring, I found myself a mentor to others, guiding them through battles both within and outside the ropes. Over 30 fights etched a love for the sport deep within me, a desire to give others what I had yearned for - an experienced coach, a guide to help them rise, improve, and flourish.

The essence of ring craft became woven into the very fabric of my being. Muaythai ceased to be a mere sport; it transformed into life itself. As the years flowed like a river, I transitioned from fighter to trainer, sculpting some of Australia’s finest Muaythai champions, guiding them to conquer world championships. The world became my dojo, a stage where I learned from the best, honing my craft to perfection, absorbing the wisdom of world-class trainers.

In 2001, destiny introduced me to Melissa, my partner in life and in the art of Muaythai. From an unbreakable friendship, a partnership blossomed, solidified through the melting pot of training. Melissa’s meteoric rise, claiming victory in 23 out of 25 fights, and seizing the Amateur World Title, became a testament to our shared dedication and unwavering commitment.

Together, we embraced the Muaythai lifestyle – the camaraderie, the memories, the exhilarating highs of victory, the depths of defeat and the foundation of health and fitness. A burning desire ignited within us, a passion to share this lifestyle with all who yearned for it. And thus, the desire to share the “Magic of Muaythai” were sown.

In 2010, Urban Fight Gym emerged from the depths of our dreams, a sanctuary where the values of Connection, Growth, and Lifestyle converged. Every brick laid, every mat unfurled, held the promise of a community where belonging thrived from day one. Lifelong friendships were forged, individuals transformed into the best versions of themselves – physically and mentally. Our vision extended beyond the confines of competition; it embraced everyone, from the Urban Warrior to the novice seeking a healthier existence.

Step by step, punch by punch, we witnessed the metamorphosis that Muaythai brought to countless lives. From timid children to resilient adults, our system of inclusion, teamwork, camaraderie, and mental fortitude sculpted them into empowered beings, ready to face life’s challenges head-on. The magic we had discovered was now being shared, creating a ripple effect that touched hearts and spirits.

The essence of Urban Muaythai was a beacon of empowerment, a haven where dreams found fertile soil to flourish. Our journey was not just about punches and kicks; it is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. And so, our Vision stood tall – to empower people to live a better life through the magic of Muaythai.

Urban Muaythai is a family run business that was established in January 2010. 

Meet Richie:

The founder of Urban Muaythai.

Richie has over 30 years experience in Muaythai .

1999 BJC Trainer of the year.

Victorian State Champion

2013 “Australian Muaythai Award” for Trainer of the Year,

Nominated Youth Trainer of the Year 2014 

Muaythai Australia National President 2014-2020

Muaythai Australia QLD – President 2023- Current

Certificate 3 and 4 In Fitness and Personal Training

Walsh Family

Meet Melissa

Silver medalist in the 2012 World IFMA Games in St-Petersburg,

Gold Medalist in 2003 World IFMA Games,

2005 Queens Cup Champion in Thailand , 

2001-2007 held the South Pacific, Australian, and State Title Belts.

Qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist

Together Richie and Melissa have three Cheeky boys, Noah, Charlie and Harry

🌱Urban Muaythai:
Your Path to Connection, Growth, and a Transformed Lifestyle


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