Urban Warrior

Urban Warrior
Urban Warrior

Urban Warrior is a 12 week fight style training program that is designed to get you lean, fit & strong.

All levels are catered for from beginners up. At the end of the program a carefully matched fight is an option for those who are ready to get in the ring and experience a new adrenalin rush testing the skills you have learnt throughout the program. Fights are fully padded and matched on weight and skill level.

The program starts August 24th and runs through to November 14th.

Our Urban Warrior fight show will be held on November 14th and will feature our Urban Warrior fighters with our Miami (Qld) gym vs Tweed (NSW) gym.

Whats Included in the program:
✅ Unlimited Muaythai Classes
✅ Strength & Conditioning Program
✅ Nutritional workshops
✅ Fight Specific training classes
✅ Evolt Body Composition scans
✅ Closed Facebook group access for extra value

Are you ready ??
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