Training Focus – October

Training Focus – October
Training Focus – October

This month in classes at Urban, we focussed on the following aspects of Muaythai:

  • Set up the low kick with your hands first
  • Step across the opponents body to evade their punches and generate power
  • Roll the hip and shoulder all the way over
    • Changing levels of attack keeps your opponent guessing
    • Bend knees and lower your entire body for a body strike
    • Don’t lean in for body strikes, keep your ribs above your hips
    • Block strong: toes up, knee to inside of elbow, knuckles on your head
    • Maintain your  stance so you can counter straight away
    • Block and counter first, then catch and counter
  • Designed to teach you how to stay calm and react
  • Helps improve timing and distance
  • Focus on speed and accuracy to build fluid, effective combinations

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