Urban Events – December

December was a fun-filled month of silly Christmas Activities, tons of Muaythai, and a few exciting extra-curricular activities for the silly season. Advent Calendar Classes For very day of december, the Instructors pulled a card out of a giant Christmas Advent calendar, and the students were at the mercy of the card… activities in the […]

Training Focus – December

This month in classes at Urban, we focussed on the following aspects of Muaythai: Block and return kick, same leg or opposite leg Catch kick and return strike or sweep Step back to evade kick and counter strike Muay Khao – Forward Pressure Strong blocking, make a frame, don’t step back Walk forward, pressure, then […]

Announcements – December

Thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket to help get Josh back over to Thailand – the prize was an all-day Tattoo Voucher at Darkhorse Initiative Tattoo, and it was won by Kris! Congratulations and thanks again to everyone for your continued support for Josh. If you’re loving your training and think that […]

Josh “The Boss” King – A young fighters journey

josh king muay thai

  Age: 15 years Fight Record: 33 fights –  25 wins – 8 losses Achievements: 2015 Australian champ, IFMA Australian games Gold Coast Australia 2015 World champ, IFMA World games Bangkok Thailand. 2015 Australian kids fighter of the year 2016 Australian champ, IFMA Australian games Gold Coast Australia 2016 Competitor, IFMA World games Bangkok Thailand. […]

Healthy Tips for Christmas

Christmas season is upon us! We’ve got all kinds of fun activities planned for the month of December in the Gym, but we also know that your life outside the gym will be full of silly season stuff – which may, or may not, help you stay on track to your fitness goals. If anything, […]

Urban Events – November

November was a nice cruisy change from the non-stop action of October – but it wasn’t without excitement. We had 2 successful Green Singlet gradings, a massive yellow singlet grading and Leonie won her fight in front of a huge crowd of Urban Fans. Green Singlet Grading We had another successful Grading this month, with […]

Muaythai Instructional – Styles of Muaythai

[dt_sc_one_column id=”column_data” first] Muaythai is an intricate and complex chess game but it comes with dire consequences; some win, some lose, everyone gets hit, and everyone learns. This is our sport, and there are many ways to play this complex game.  Each individual practitioner differs in his or her own style, execution, and vision of […]

Fight Recap – Leonie Macks vs. Jemma Byard – 9th November

What a fight! Leonie fought in the Main Event Bout at Kirra Sports Club on the 9th of November to a packed crowd and a sea of Green Urban Army Supporters. Leonie faced a strong opponent in Jemma Byard, known for her strong boxing and relentless pressure, but Leonie closed down every attack with strong […]

Announcements – November

We’ve confirmed our travel dates for next year’s Thailand trip; we will go from September 19th to Oct 3rd 2020. We are just waiting for the airlines to release the flights so we can confirm pricing, so lock it in and stay tuned for updates! If you’re loving your training and think that someone you […]

Training Focus – November

This month in classes at Urban, we focussed on the following aspects of Muaythai: Use your feet to get in close Keep your hands up Use your body to strike, not your arms Green Singlet Grading Run-through Kick Defence – “make them miss, make them pay” Parry punches and counter with elbows Set up the […]