We’re proud to say that Urban Fight Gym is much more a community than just a Muaythai Gym, and that’s only possible because of our members. So every once in a while, we want to show them off!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Ollie:

Ollie has been doing big things during the short time he’s been training at Urban Fight Gym so Blair sat down to have a quick chat about what he has achieved.

Blair: “Hey Ollie, congratulations on losing 14kg man! Awesome effort, what have you changed to achieve such a great result?”

Ollie: “Thank you heaps! A massive change in my diet has assisted me a lot but also the training I’m doing with Urban has assisted me in a massive way with cardiovascular improvement”

Blair: “Glad to hear mate, what made you decide to train at Urban Fight Gym?”

Ollie: “I wanted to join Urban because I have a goal to compete at Muay Thai by the time I’m 25 so I chose Urban because of the atmosphere and also the way the trainers can have a laugh but also do serious training at the same time”

Blair: “And how long have you been training at Urban?”

Ollie: “I’ve been training at Urban for about 8 weeks and in that time I’ve gone from 103kg down to 89kg”

Ollie Before and Now

Blair: “That’s an amazing effort bro, a true testament to all your hard work. Lastly, what would you say to anybody thinking of trying Muay Thai at Urban Fight Gym?”

Ollie: “I would say come down and give it a go! It’s fun, it’s a great experience and you will benefit from it 100%”

Blair: “Mate, you’re a legend… we look forward to seeing you progress through the gym”

In addition to Ollie’s impressive weight-loss results, he’s also just graded to Yellow Singlet, which means his technique and fitness have also massively improved. He is a true martial artist, humble, dedicated and consistent, and we’re very happy to have him on the team.


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