This month we had a Blue Singlet Grading on the 14th of September, Leonie and the Tweed crew caught up for their weekly Sunday walks, Tweed hosted an Iggy McGowan Seminar, and Blair and Zoe got MARRIED!

Urban Miami – Blue Singlet Grading

The Blue singlet is a significant step at Urban Muaythai; allowing students to start transitioning into the Advanced classes. The instructors are looking for confidence in all skills, flow and composure on pads, and solid, consistent work ethic. We had a good range of skills tested for this grading and everyone rose to the occasion in style to secure their Blue Singlets.

Congratulations to our new Blue Singlets!!

Urban Tweed – Yellow Singlet Grading

On the 25th of September, Leonie held a spot grading during the evening Muaythai Class to promote 3 dedicated students to the next level. Congratulations Bronte, Dan and Jayson!

Urban Sunday Morning Strolls

In true Urban style, Leonie and the Team have built a solid community down at Tweed, both in the gym and out. Every Sunday morning at 6:30am, the #urbanarmy meets at the North Kirra Surf Club for a morning walk. The walk goes along the coastline from North Kirra to Duranbah and back, stopping for Coffee, and a quick silly photo of Leonie on the way home.

Start your Sunday right this week with a team walk!!

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