Iggy has such a clear and direct way of communicating, he reduces the complex chaos of worry and doubt into simple steps to take back control of your mind.


On the 28th of September, as a part of Tweed’s new Goal Setting program, Urban Tweed hosted an Iggy McGowan Mindset Seminar.

Iggy has been part of the Urban Family since the beginning and we are incredibly lucky to have such a powerful coach at our fingertips – Leonie wanted the team to have the best chance at setting and achieving their goals, and Iggy is the perfect person to kickstart that challenge.

The seminar covered various ideas and tactics to help the team outline their goals, take control of their minds, and establish tangible plans to make sure they succeed.

When it comes to Mindset, Iggy walks the walk, and talks the talk. He has learned through his own challenges that the only way to face adversity is with with focus and clarity – both of which take disciplined mental training to retain control of the mind. Through his own discipline, he has been able to share that knowledge with our Fight Team, his clients, and now also our Members.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the seminar and thank you to Iggy for being such an asset to the Urban Muaythai Family. Best of luck with your goals everyone, (not that you need it) and we can’t wait to hear how you go!



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