Fight Wrap-Up: Ignite the Fight, Brisbane Nov 17

What an epic night of fights! The #UrbanArmy showed up in force, with over 40 supporters representing loud for our 5 fighters competing on the night – ALL of whom won their fights!!

First up, Debbie stepped in to the ring for her first fight, and despite facing a chaotic barrage of punches from her opponent, she remained calm and focussed and dominated the clinch with big knees to the body. She showed incredible heart with constant forward pressure which overpowered her opponent in the end, coming up with a well-deserved win.

Then Pip jumped in the ring next, also having her first official fight. Pip impressed us all with beautiful composure, executing fast combinations while maintaining her long range to avoid her opponent’s strikes. She used both her hands and kicks incredibly well to outscore her opponent and take the win in style.

Next, Pip’s boyfriend, and one of our most entertaining fighters, Matty took center stage for his 7th fight. Every time we see Matty compete, he improves and this Saturday was no different. He faced a strong opponent, with both boys demonstrating strong Muaythai, but Matty landed some beautiful body shots against the ropes that took the steam out of his opponent. Finishing the second round with a lovely body rip-to-knee combo, his opponent couldn’t continue into the third and Matty took the win by TKO.

Adrian was on the card next to fight, but unfortunately just before the show started his opponent had to withdraw from the competition due to illness. Not to worry though, Adrian will be back in the ring on December 8th on Coastal Warfare, so we’ll get to see him fight very soon.

Scotty was next, in a huge 86kg battle – both boys had muscles on top of muscles, and it was a pure brawl for the knockout. Both boys have a history of putting their opponents to sleep, and it was clear that they both wanted that result. Fortunately for us, however, after 3 hard rounds, both fighters left it all in the ring and Scotty came away with a split-points win.

And lastly, but certainly not least, Whitney put an awesome exclamation mark on the Urban Team’s decisive success for the evening. The fight was scheduled for 5 Rounds, Full Thai Rules, against an opponent to whom she’d previously lost. But Whitney came out strong; she showed excellent variation in her combos and forward pressure, and landed a sharp knee to her opponent’s forehead in the first round, leaving a significant cut. The fight only continued a minute into the second round until the fight was stopped by the referee as the cut worsened under constant pressure from Whitney and her opponent was forced to withdraw.

It was an incredible night for our Fight Team and Head Trainer Blair Chave, and we can’t thank you enough for coming out to support our family. Also, Blair wants to give a massive thank you to all our trainers who helped out the back, in the corner, and especially during the many weeks of hard training in getting these guys ready for their fights.

It’s a lonely place inside that ring and it means the world to the fighters to have so many of you behind them.


On to the next one!!


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