The Urban Grading Method

The Urban Grading Method was implemented in January 2018 by Head Coach and Founder Richard Walsh. The reason behind the development was to provide goals to reach through a members Muaythai learning experience. With this in mind the 7 singlet colours were devised in stages of knowledge, understanding and implementation whilst skill and fitness increased. With each singlet colour another dimension opens up. As students progress they are graded on not only physical improvements but also mental and leadership qualities. The grading system is designed to build students knowledge gradually and also to protect them from being put in situations that would lead them to unnecessary risk or injury.


The graded singlet is worn in honour of what the student has achieved in Muaythai and also stands to recognise his/her rank amongst their peers. At a very minor level the coloured singlet helps students recognise fellow students when “partnering up” in class to make sure they are with partners of similar skill level. Wearing the grading singlet to class benefits the student by allowing the Instructors to tailor their training specifically to the needs of their upcoming grading.



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