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Have you been searching for “Kickboxing Gyms”? Great! We’re thrilled to introduce you to a martial art discipline that takes kickboxing to the next level – Muay Thai.

You may wonder, what’s the difference? Why should Muay Thai catch your interest? The answer lies in its unique techniques, engaging training style, and rich cultural history. Let’s embark on this exciting journey right now!

Kickboxing vs Muay Thai: Uncover The Distinctions

Kickboxing is renowned for its fast punches, swift kicks, and agility. However, Muay Thai, often termed “The Art of Eight Limbs”, offers an elevated experience. It enhances the skills practised in kickboxing by integrating punches, kicks, elbows, and knee strikes. This gives you a more holistic full-body workout and bolsters your self-defence skills.

Searching for a discipline that can offer an intense cardio workout, boost your flexibility, strength, coordination, and teach you practical self-defence techniques? Urban Muay Thai is your answer.

Step Into the Urban Muay Thai Experience

Joining Urban Muay Thai, you’re not just becoming a gym member, but joining a community. Our seasoned trainers are passionate about aiding individuals of all skill levels to unlock their potential. Each class is a unique mix of physical conditioning, cultural exploration, and – most importantly – fun!

Through Urban Muay Thai, you’ll:

  1. Receive personalised guidance from certified Muay Thai trainers.

  2. Improve your physical fitness and learn powerful self-defence skills.

  3. Experience a workout that’s dynamic, engaging, and tailored to your goals.

  4. Join a supportive community that inspires progress and celebrates achievements.

Your Journey Starts Here

We believe there's a warrior inside you, waiting to be awakened. At Urban Muay Thai, we create the environment and tools for your transformation. ​

Ready to redefine your workout, master unparalleled self-defence skills, and become part of a vibrant community? Enquire about our classes today and take the first step towards a transformative experience that will reshape your lifestyle and redefine your limits.

Join Urban Muay Thai. Unleash your inner warrior.


No, it takes a while to learn the art before you partake in sparing and only when you feel ready.

No, we have a specific beginner class called the kickstarter class where you learn all the techniques needed and how to hold pads so you can integrate into all levels when ready.

Yeah we have plenty of females in the gym, all shapes and sizes.

No one is too old if you have the desire, you just need to work at your pace and rate and not get carried away thinking you are young in body performance.

You can wear any clothes you are comfortable in, that allow you to have full movement of your legs, eg can you squat or lift your knee without your pants catching and restricting movement. Muaythai shorts are available at the gym should you wish to purchase.

You will need boxing gloves and elastic shin guards to get started, we have these available in a starters kit at the gym which you can purchase at your first lesson.

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