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Whether you're looking to learn Muay Thai, improve your fitness, or both, come visit us today and see why we are one of the Gold Coast's most renowned Muay Thai gyms.
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Urban MuayThai is a welcoming gym where we pride ourselves on creating an ego-free, friendly space that will make you feel like you belong from day one.
Our supportive trainers and instructors are passionate about teaching the magic of Muay Thai and are dedicated to offering fun and professional classes for all levels and ages. 

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New to Muay Thai? Try the Kickstarter Classes
These classes are designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of Muay Thai so you never feel out of your depth and can train with confidence.
No fitness level is required, all ages and abilities are welcome.

When you sign up for the kickstarter program you’ll get:

 Access up to 7 Classes each week (Morning or Night)

 Specialised classes for building strength and conditioning your body

 Instant access to online  training to hone your skills

 Plus you’ll be joining a family of Muay Thai fanatics all             progressing together


Our kickstarter classes are perfect for anyone. Designed to teach you the fundamentals of Muay Thai and build your confidence in a slower-paced and more relaxed environment. Whether you want to continue to learn the art of Muay Thai and progress as a fighter, or you’re just looking to shake up your body with a new workout regime, this is the place
to start.

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Registrations for Kids Classes are Now Open 
Gloves up, screens down!

Book a trial which includes the following:

   Two-week trial included

    Gloves & Shin Guards

    2 classes per week

Classes are grouped by ages:

    ‘Kids’ 6-9 years old

   ‘Cadets’ 10-12 years old

    ‘Teens’ 13-16 years old


Come in and experience the magic of Muay Thai together as a family. You’ll be amazed at the transformation in discipline, respect and focus these little warriors can have in just a few classes



Feel the magic of Muay Thai and all that it has to offer. This 10-week challenge will change your life both physically and mentally and has been designed to give you the very best out of Muay Thai training and conditioning.

When you sign up for Urban Warrior you get: 

 Unlimited Muay Thai classes

Unlimited Strength & conditioning program

 Urban Warrior training guide and handbook

 Nutritional guidance

 Fight specific training classes

 Closed Facebook group access

 Urban Warrior t-shirt
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