We’re back!!!

Are you ready to kick and punch stuff again?? We certainly are.

Urban Muaythai has a 3 phase approach back into full muaythai training.

Phase 1 – Rebuild Phase (May 15th – June 12th)

During Phase 1, training will be conducted in line with the Queensland Government health regulations on easing restrictions. This means we can train outdoors in small groups of up to 10 people. Our focus during this phase will be to reform good training habits, build your foundational skills and fitness levels back up. Bookings are essential for class and are easily done through our website or your member portal login. Contact us to get your membership re-ignited now.

Phase 2 – Ramp It Up Phase (June 13th – July 10th)

During Phase 2, we will continue to follow the Queensland government health regulations on easing restrictions. This means in this phase we are allowed to rain back INSIDE the gym!!!! Classes will be allowed to have 20 people per class which means bookings will still be required for you to attend class. Our focus in training will be on the continuation of building good habits in training, health and fitness. A combination of bag work, pad work and conditioning exercises will be utilised through this stage as we continue to build on your fitness levels. All memberships will be re-started from June 13th onwards in line with your membership prior to March 23rd. Come in an enjoy training with your mates again and have a laugh whilst you train.

Phase 3 – Chase the Dream (July 11th onwards)

Muaythai as we know it will be allowed from here on in!! Sparing and clinching will resume amongst the variety of training already taking place. This is the time to concentrate on your goal and step your training up a notch. This year Winter will be the season to get Lean, Fit & Strong.

*Dates and Timetables are subject to change in accordance with the latest advice from Queensland Health.

All Classes can be booked through the timetable on our website by simply clicking on the class you wish to attend and entering your email address (the same one thats on your membership profile) Or By using your personal URL and PIN in our gym software (Clubworx). Please call us if you need your membership activated or you do not have your Pin Code.


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