What is Urban Warrior

Our Urban warrior 12 week fight camp is an opportunity for our community to step up and challenge themselves. It is a program designed to get you to a level where you can step in the ring for your first padded bout and test the skills and fitness you have. The Challenge can be for anyone new or currently a member. 

How does it work

Over the 12 weeks you will build on fitness and skills through our scheduled classes, if totally new you will start with our kickstarter program to get all the basics down pat before heading into our all levels classes. We also have strength and conditioning classes to add to the mix to get you lean and strong fast. We provide a 7 day meal plan to follow so you get the results your after in the best way possible. Our trainers will guide you step by step through the 12 weeks, emphasizing important areas to work on at critical time points.

Whats required of me

We expect you to come into the program with a goal to reach in 12 weeks, be ready to put the effort into training and take on board suggestions from our experienced staff so that we can help you get to your goal. When days or times get tough, lean in to our community for support. To get the most out of the program you need to be present at the gym as much as you can.


Our first 12 week challenge wrapped up on November 14th 2020. We found the average person dropped 7-10kg of fat and held or put on 2-3kg muscle. There were also people who dropped 12-14kg over the 12 weeks. Even those who were already fit and lean still managed to change body composition by 3-5% body fat, getting the 6 pack they always wanted.

We found a direct relationship between amount of change in body shape with how closely they stuck to the meal plan. Those who put the effort in reaped the rewards.


Stepping over the ropes in your first padded fight is not compulsory, however we find once people get into the training it is a natural progression that most take up. We matched 18 fights on the inaugural Urban Warrior Show, each fight being matched by weight and time in training. We want you to have a good experience regardless of the win or loss, we do our best to match people with similar skills and fitness. 

What’s included:

  • Unlimited Classes
  • 7 Day meal plan
  • Strength & conditioning program
  • Closed facebook group for extra information and support
  • Option to compete at the end of 12 week.
  • Ticket for yourself into our event

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