Over the weekend we had Kyl and Lorna participate in the Australian WAKO kickboxing tournament in Canungra.

Kyl’s opponent came up from Adelaide for the competition. They fought over 3 hard rounds during which Kyl showed great composure and technique, as it was a kickboxing style tournament we couldn’t utilise his strong clinch and knee side of his fighting however after a slow first round he adapted great and fought onto a very narrow split points loss. He came away injury free and we’re all very proud of how he fought.

Lorna was in a 4 women tournament so to win the belt she would have to fight and win twice.

Her first fight was up against a girl from Canberra where Lorna displayed strong push kicks and inside leg kicks to rack up the points and win over 3 rounds.

Her next fight was against a tough girl from Victoria where Lorna fought the best she has ever fought, everything flowed perfectly using a great combination of hands, kicks and footwork to great effect without really getting hit in return. At the end of the 3 rounds it was a convincing victory taking home her first ever belt and being crowned the Australian WAKO kickboxing champion.

Again we’re extremely proud in how she fought.

A special mention to Iggy Mcgowan and Ben Wilson for helping out in the corner and particularly Iggy with his calming words and advice to Lorna in between fights.

Thanks to all the urban family who came out and supported them

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