How do you get started?? If you have never trained before you will need to complete our 12 steps to Muaythai program – this will teach you all the basic skills needed to join in on a class online or in the gym! From there you can move to our 28 Day challenge or Evolve membership or make your way into either of our locations to get the ultimate muaythai experience.

12 Steps to Muaythai Program – This program is designed to teach new people the basic techniques of muaythai with a lower intensity style class. It is self-paced and all online from the comfort of your own home.

28 Day Challenge – For those that want to get Lean, Fit & Strong this is the next stepping stone bridging the gap between our 12 steps of muaythai program and our Evolve membership platform. It is set out day by to follow and includes a meal plan to follow.

Evolve Online Membership – This member platform gives you access to many different styles of workouts to include bag and partner drills if you had the available equipment. Health & Wellbeing guidance is also included within this platform. Evolve gives you the choice to mix n match your workouts so that your fitness can continue to grow.

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