What does it take to become a world champion? What about a world champion 11 times over?


Nathan “Carnage” Corbett has had 65 Muay Thai fights – 44 of them ending up with his opponent asleep on the mat or unable to continue – and 59 of those total fights were victories. It’s hard enough to step over the ropes once, and to leave a legacy like that is close to super-natural.


But if you ask Nathan or Ritchie how Carnage came to be, the answer would be in the Warrior Mindset – pure work, dedication, focus, training, training, training, mental fortitude and determination. And you’ve got the opportunity to learn exactly that, this May from the 10th to the 17th, from the master himself!


Carnage Global has teamed up with the best of the best in Bali to create an all-around Warrior Retreat for your mind, body, and heart; it’s unique format is designed to push you to your best while completely nourishing and revitalising your body.


Carnage Warriors will start their day in beautiful Caangu, with yoga and breakfast at the Semara Beach House, and then train twice daily with Nathan at the Bali Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp. Every day includes relaxation, massage and food, food, food!! Then to top it all off, each evening the team will come together for talks, mentorship and private guided meditations.


The retreat is designed to build strength, both inside and out, for the Warrior inside anybody – and with a cool balance of solid Muay Thai, Yoga, Meditation and the opportunity to learn from an undeniable Warrior, this retreat is not to be missed.


Check out Nathan’s Facebook page to learn more about the Ultimate Warrior Retreat, or email him here at carnageglobal@gmail.com and hopefully we’ll see you over there!




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