Training Focus – September

Training Focus – September
Training Focus – September

This month in classes at Urban, we focussed on the following aspects of Muaythai:

  • Keep it simple, keep them moving, flow!
  • Pad holder is the boss, boxer is the student of the padholder
  • Keep it a conversation; boxer hits and defends
    • Step across the opponent’s body, away from the leg that is kicking
    • Engage your core, roll your hip
    • Hard part of your shin, on 3 soft spots on your opponent: Thigh, Rib, Neck
  • Step – slide! Like there is a rubber band between your ankles
  • Move in one way, exit out a different way
  • Always keep your feet shoulder-width, shoulder-depth
  • Speed and Power come with correct technique FIRST
  • Power in punches comes from the opposite shoulder
  • Lock in your core so your body works as a whole.

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