Trainer Spotlight – Blair Chave

Blair Chave is one of our trainers here at Urban Fight Gym.  He currently is the instructor for some of our 6pm Muaythai Classes as well as taking Personal Training (one on one) and group session bookings during the morning and day times.

“I’ve been training at Urban since not long after it opened, which was in 2009, I remember walking through the door and meeting Richie and Nathan Corbett at reception and knew this was the gym for me”

Find out a little bit more about Blair here:

When did you first start Martial arts?

I first started martial arts when I was 16 (12 years ago) going down to the local Karate club in 10516745_10202441781107173_1683098094412149597_nDunedin, New Zeland, after spending about 6 months, I got invited through my uncle to head up to a farm where there is a shed that the best in the area were training for MMA, which was still very unknown back then.

That is where I first got introduced to Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I proceeded to quit Karate and continue with training up on the farm.

I have trained in karate, Muay Thai, judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Greco Roman wrestling.

When was your first fight?

My first fight was in late 2007 in my hometown against another local boy, looking back I didn’t put enough work into my training outside of the gym and the fight got stopped in the 2nd round… Despite the loss the feeling after that fight was like nothing I’d felt before, the buzz was unreal and I knew this was the sport for me.

Why should people learn muaythai? 1461931_10154084301578159_1944658991_n

I love everything about Muay Thai, the people I have met, the bond between trainer and student and also the respect and confidence toward yourself and others is second to none. I could go on for ever why I love it but this would become a novel not a Q&A haha.

I believe everyone should train Muay Thai, for the simple reason it teaches you to be humble and show respect to others, it builds confidence plus you make great new friends and get super fit!

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

In my spare time I like to read, walks with my beautiful dog and spending time with my friends… The rest of the time I’m at urban, my home away from home.

How can people contact you to book Personal Training Session? 

DSC00734If anyone wants a PT they can message me through Facebook or give me a call or text on 0415131684

Anything else you want to share with people? 

We have all different types of people coming to train at Urban, if you’re thinking maybe you’ll feel awkward or intimated… Don’t, it’s the best gym going around in my opinion, with no egos and a fun hardworking environment10272725_1705260079749147_7305194663166504573_o


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