Student Spotlight – Nathan Baber

Nathan at Nationals
Nathan and Dave getting ready to jump in the ring at nationals

We wanted to chat to Nathan because we’ve all noticed some massive changes in him since he’s joined – not only is he looking great physically, but he’s really become a positive presence in the Urban Family (and he’s even brought his own family in to train as well!).

It’s so great to see him and his wife at all our fight shows, at our social events, and we love watching them have fun at training together.

Thanks Nathan for being a part of the team and for all your hard work in here, it’s definitely not gone unnoticed!

How long have you been training with us?

Funny enough I don’t actually know… I’m thinking it would have to be close to 2 years … possibly a bit more? Time flies when you’re having fun!


 What brought you to Urban?

I’d tried a few fitness activities over the years; Crossfit, F45, Boot Camps & Gym Memberships, but it always felt like an EFFORT turning up & committing to a session. I’d also always wanted to learn some self-defence so when our Crossfit gym around the corner closed down, I thought “Bugger it – I’m going to sign up and give it a shot!”

Jess at the Urban Christmas Party
Jess with the ladies at the Urban Christmas Party

What’s it like to train with your wife, and how did get Jess get involved?

I’m stoked Jess decided to come along as well, I always look forward to training with her. I think at first she saw my enthusiasm at going to training; I started off with 2 – 3 sessions a week, and over time that increased to any chance I could get (5 – 7 sessions a week). I came home harping on about the benefits, the people & thought she might actually enjoy it. And now, Jess is as keen as I am.

Nathan and Jess at the Blue Singlet Grading
Nathan and his Wife Jess at their Blue Singlet Grading


What’s your favourite thing about Muaythai? 

Definitely the sparring on a Friday night! But I like that it feels like we’re all on a journey – a journey of self-development – and a journey where everyone at Urban is there to support you along the way.

 What do you do outside of the gym? 

Between work, family & Urban there’s not much time for anything else – and I do like it! Outside of Urban I like a barista made coffee (or 2) in the morning, and I also fit in some motocross riding on weekends with the kids. We also like to head off caravanning during school holidays and long weekends if we can.

 How did you feel about taking on a fight at the Nationals this year? 

Probably the best thing I’ve ever done. Well, that, sky diving solo, and having kids. I was unsure at first but got the chance to talk it through with some of the Urban trainers, and decided it was something I wanted to try. Not only for the physical aspects but the mental as well. I stepped up my training, worked through the peaks & troughs of training, and enjoyed the whole experience. I’m definitely keen to give it another go when it’s next on, and would probably like to have a fight on a fight night if I had the chance.

Nathan winning at the 2019 IFMA World Championships
Nathan winning his fight at the 2019 IFMA National Championships

What keeps you coming back to training? 

The people at Urban for sure. The comradery between trainers & students. It’s addictive, there’s no egos, and everyone wants to see you improve.

What’s changed for you since you started at Urban? 

Heaps!! Work and life stresses are a walk in the park, I think clearer than I ever have, I’m fit, I’ve dropped weight and toned up, I feel confident, have a lot more energy, and even lasted through tough rounds with some of the fighters… the list goes on! But in a nutshell, I feel good, the best I’ve ever felt.


Thanks again Nathan for taking the time to chat with us, and for being a big part of our #urbanarmy!


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