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Coming Up Next Month:



[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Urban’s BIRTHDAY!”]
Urban Muaythai Miami is turnin 10 on the 18th of January! And Urban Muaythai Tweed is turning 1 on the 21st. Get down to both gyms to celebrate!


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Kickstart 2020 Challenge”]
This challenge started Dec 23rd and runs until January 31st. We still have a few spots left if you’d like to join in, the challenge includes a weights program and unlimited Muaythai training – the team with the biggest results wins!


[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”MTA National Championships, 24th Jan”]
We’ve got a few novice fighters gearing up for this years National Championships starting January 24th. Working hard through the holiday period, these guys are looking sharp to take on the challenge of their first fights for the new year. Come support the team over the weekend of the 24th – 26th at Tallebudgera Leisure Centre, right here on the Gold Coast!





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