Urban Warrior

Urban Warrior is a 12 week fight style training program that is designed to get you lean, fit & strong. All levels are catered for from beginners up. At the end of the program a carefully matched fight is an option for those who are ready to get in the ring and experience a new […]

We’re back!!!

Are you ready to kick and punch stuff again?? We certainly are. Urban Muaythai has a 3 phase approach back into full muaythai training. Phase 1 – Rebuild Phase (May 15th – June 12th) During Phase 1, training will be conducted in line with the Queensland Government health regulations on easing restrictions. This means we […]

Have you fallen off the wagon? Have you lost your way?

It’s time to create a new routine – to Stay Fit & Healthy Covid-19 has thrown a spanner in the works for a lot of people, so know that you’re not alone. When things change drastically and you find yourself with more or less time on your hands it can disrupt your normal routine very […]

Nutrition For Immune System

What is the Immune System The immune system is in place to stop invading pathogens (virus or bacteria) entering our body. There are 3 levels of defence. The outer layer or skin is the first line of defence. It acts as a barrier that they are unable to penetrate. The only way for the germs […]

Happy Birthday Urban Muaythai!

Urban Muaythai in Miami turned 10 this past Saturday! And Urban Muaythai Tweed just had its first birthday on January 21st. What an incredible ten years it’s been… in 2010 Richie and Melissa quit their well-paying jobs in the mines to follow a passion in Muaythai, and 10 years on here we all are. The […]

Thailand 2020 – Get your Deposit in!

We’ve locked in all the details, and we’re already counting down the days until the #urbanarmy heads back to Thailand! You do not want to miss this one; right now, you only need to get a deposit together to secure a spot and then Melissa will help you set up a payment plan. Overall costs […]

Urban Christmas Parties – Recap!

Everyone who fought on the night looked capable and comfortable in the ring, it didn’t look at all like it was their first time in the ring. – Blair Chave, Christmas Club Championship Miami This year’s Christmas parties were an exciting mix of Muaythai, partying, team bonding, and fun for the Urban Army at Tweed […]

Advent Calendar Classes

To celebrate Christmas this whole month, we had a special surprise for every day of December hidden inside our Advent Calendars! The surprises ranged from Santa Slaps to extra kicks to chocolates and even water bomb fights! Check out the gallery below to see all the Urban Christmas Shenanigans from the month.

Urban Events – December

December was a fun-filled month of silly Christmas Activities, tons of Muaythai, and a few exciting extra-curricular activities for the silly season. Advent Calendar Classes For very day of december, the Instructors pulled a card out of a giant Christmas Advent calendar, and the students were at the mercy of the card… activities in the […]

Training Focus – December

This month in classes at Urban, we focussed on the following aspects of Muaythai: Block and return kick, same leg or opposite leg Catch kick and return strike or sweep Step back to evade kick and counter strike Muay Khao – Forward Pressure Strong blocking, make a frame, don’t step back Walk forward, pressure, then […]