Meet Your Trainer – Jared Flick

We’ve got a new trainer on board at Tweed!!! Jared Flick, or Flicky, comes to Urban after 3 years of running South of The Border Muaythai in Byron Bay and we are really excited to have him on the team. Flicky has been training martial arts since he was 10 years old in multiple disciplines […]

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October Gradings Recap – Yellow, Blue, Purple and Black

The grading singlet honours the work that you’ve done to get to that level. The idea of grading originated in martial arts with belts that you trained in, but never washed; the more you trained, the dirtier it got and so it changed from white to black. October was a huge month of Gradings, Urban […]

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Urban Events – October

October was a crazy busy month of non-stop action with Gradings at all levels at both gyms, Fight Shows, Social events and an intensive Muaythai Seminar with the legendary Sangtiennoi.Gradings!Please click here to read all about this months gradings!2/10 - Yellow Singlet Grading at Miami3/10 - Yellow Teens Grading at Miami4/10 - Blue Singlet Grading [...] Read More

Training Focus – October

This month in classes at Urban, we focussed on the following aspects of Muaythai: Week 1 - Low Leg Kicks Set up the low kick with your hands firstStep across the opponents body to evade their punches and generate powerRoll the hip and shoulder all the way over Week 2 - Boxing, Body Shots Changing [...] Read More

October Rugby Sweepstakes Recap

During the months of September and October the #urbanarmy challenge was all about World Cup Rugby! We had 10 challengers competing; the objective was to pick the most winning teams of every game throughout the tournament.... The tally is in, and AMANDA has won the challenge!!! With 36 points, that means she guessed the correct winning [...] Read More

Announcements – October

Thailand Trip 2020 - Save the DATE! We've confirmed our travel dates for next year's Thailand trip; we will go from September 19th to Oct 3rd 2020. We are just waiting for the airlines to release the flights so we can confirm pricing, so lock it in and stay tuned for updates! New Urban Sponsor [...] Read More

Student Spotlight – Casey McCarron

This month we wanted to highlight a very cool story from one of our members at Tweed, Casey McCarron. She came to Urban 9 months ago because she really needed to change her life, and we’re very proud of how hard she’s worked to make that happen. Here’s her story… How long have you been […]

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September Rugby Sweepstakes

Instead of a physical challenge this month, we've got the #urbanarmy on board with the Rugby World Cup! The rules are: Each week (by Thursday) you pick your winning teams. If your team wins, you get a point.The person with the most points at the end of the tournament WINS it ALL!Games run from 20th of September [...] Read More

Training Focus – September

This month in classes at Urban, we focussed on the following aspects of Muaythai: Week 1 -  Freestyle Pads Keep it simple, keep them moving, flow!Pad holder is the boss, boxer is the student of the padholderKeep it a conversation; boxer hits and defends Week 2 - Kicks Step across the opponent's body, away from [...] Read More