New 6 Week Beginner Program

New 6 Week Beginner Program
New 6 Week Beginner Program


    • Non contact– a lot of people are intimidated by the thought of being thrown in the deep end of the pool, during this class you will learn the basics so that you have the confidence to continue in our 6pm muaythai class once the 6 weeks is up.
    • For Absolute Beginners – this course is designed for all levels of fitness and body shapes. By everyone starting at the same level it will help everyone progress together.
    • Be surrounded by other beginners
    • 6 weeks
    • 7.15pm – 8pm
    • Mondays & Wednesdays
    • Learn the fundamentals of Muaythai- By learning and practicing fundamentals you develop a strong base and understanding of the art and will progress rapidly.
    • Limited spots available- To ensure instructors attention on getting it right from the beginning. 

    Please note: No refunds,  No exchanges. Limited to 20 people in the program.





  • Conor hynes -
    Hi I'm wondering if your starting your beginner training program this year at the 7.15 to 8.00 time slot I missed the 16th of January time one you had and with my work this would be a perfect time for me
  • Conor hynes -
    Sorry can you also send an email to my email address if you are
  • Urban Fight Gym -
    No problems we will send you the details today :). Look forward to seeing you in the program!

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