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Health Related Matters

You acknowledge viruses, diseases, epidemics or pandemics, including but not limited to COVID-19, are potentially harmful. You agree not to visit Our locations or attempt to participate in Services if You have any symptoms, are awaiting results from any relevant tests, or if You have been in contact with any suspected or known cases within 14 days. If You breach any of these conditions in any way, We reserve the right to eject You from Services, and in such case, no refund in part or full will be given. You shall have no claim, direct or indirect on Us for compensation, loss, damages and/or liability. We comply with all safety regulations and You agree to comply with any and all regulations at all times. In instances of any lockdowns Or reduced Service numbers of any length, government enforced or otherwise, We may alter timetables to ensure We can deliver Services in other formats for You. Your Membership shall remain active, and You shall have no claim on Us for any reason at any time. Lockdowns or variations to delivery do not void Your Agreement with Us. 

Urban Fight Gym Waiver & Release

Health Release: 

You acknowledge circumstances of any virus, disease, epidemic or pandemic, including but not limited to COVID-19, are extraordinary and acknowledge You will join Services based on Your own risk assessment. If You become unwell from any virus, disease, epidemic or pandemic, You shall only return to online or face to face classes once You have been cleared by a medical professional. You indemnify and hold Us harmless from any action or inaction that may result in You coming into contact with anything or anyone that may cause threat, and If You attend Our locations, You will be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted this document, regardless of whether You have signed a copy


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