Our Advanced Muaythai Classes run at 6pm Monday to Thursdays.  We also have options for Intermidate & Beginner Muaythai classes. See below


Do you want to train in the mornings?

Do you have kids at school?

Do you just want to have an all round great cardio workout based around Muaythai and strength and conditioning?

Then this class is for you!!!

Our morning classes offer a non contact Muaythai class, where you will get put through your paces in all areas of fitness – agility, speed, strength, conditioning and this is all based around Muaythai and fighters conditioning exercises. Every session finishes with a series of core strengthening and flexibility exercises designed to get your body working and looking its best!

Its a great way to start the day, get the blood pumping and the sweat dripping. Leave feeling like you have had a great workout with a sense of achievement. Again this class can be taken by a beginner to fitness or an advanced fighter, as you can take the class at your own pace. The more you put in the more you get out.


Do you want to feel great and look great again ?

Do you want to increase your fitness to a new level ?

Here at Urban Muaythai our classes will not only get you fit and looking great but you will gain great self-defence skills in a family friendly environment. Our Urban Family will make you feel welcome and you will meet new like minded friends. The best thing about this class is you can go at your own pace, so it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced you can attend the same class. You get to dictate just how hard you can push yourself, the harder you work the faster you get to your goals.

See our timetable for more information on each class level.

Is this the first time you have taken a Muaythai class???

Great!  Join our Muaythai Induction Seminar! Our highly qualified instructors will step you through all of the basics required to fit in easily in our muaythai classes. Our instructors will make you feel very welcome and make it easy for you to slide into class with confidence. Join our next Muaythai Induction Seminar Here