This is our invitational only class for those who want to fight We cater for novice through to Professional fighters.

Fighters need to be dedicated to training hard everyday. Training involves, Pad work, bag work, strength and conditioning, grappling, running, drills, diet and a positive attitude to attaining goals in life. We are lucky enough to Nathan “Carnage” Corbett as part of gym. An 11 time World Champion. Although busy with a world seminar tour, Nathan still trains alongside our fighters and helps to teach our fighters ring craft.

Richard Walsh our head trainer overseas this class in all aspects. He holds pads daily for those who are fighting and has over 25 years experience in this area. He has trained many fighters to a world Title status, Nathan “Carnage “ Corbett 11 x World Champion, Joanna McEachern WKBF World Champion, John Wayne Parr for his fight career between 2001-2005, Danny “triple D” Derdowski, Intercontinental Champion, Melissa Walsh, IFMA World Champion, IFMA Silver medalist, and multiple fighters to Australian and State Championships.