Muaythai Classes

Muaythai Classes


This class is designed for people with no Muaythai experience. Learn the basic foundation techniques and pad holding whilst building up your fitness levels. Once confident in our beginner class it's an easy transition into the regular Muaythai training sessions. Our beginner training has been designed to have you ready for the next level in approximately 4 weeks


This class has been designed around building your skills, fitness and knowledge of Muaythai. It is great for those with previous experience that have had time off, or progressing from the beginner class. Suited to WHITE, YELLOW & BLUE coloured grading singlets



This is a class to take your training to the next level. Students in this class must be competent in holding pads as well as having the ability to push themselves for the whole hour! This class is not for the feint hearted. This class is suited to GREEN, PURPLE, BLACK singlet gradings