Trainer Profile – Marcus Burgess

Marcus Burgess – Muaythai Trainer and Founder of Heart Start Fitness   Now that he has returned to the gym from a little break to bring a son into the world, I got a chance catch up with Marcus, our very talented Muaythai Personal Trainer.   First of all, congratulations on the new addition to your […]

Trainer Profile – Iggy McGowan

Iggy Mcgowan – Muaythai Trainer, Massage Therapist and Mindset Mentor   Through the chaos of the kids classes and in-between clients, I was able to steal a few minutes with Iggy to learn a bit more about who he is and why he’s so good at what he does.   Hey Iggy, thanks for chatting! […]

Trainer Profile – Blair Chave

Today I had the chance to catch up with Blair while he had a little break from training our fight team. Blair teaches all of our Evening Muay Thai and Teenager classes, trains our whole Fight Team, and does Personal Training here at Urban. Blair has been practicing Muay Thai for over 12 years and […]


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