Advent Calendar Classes

To celebrate Christmas this whole month, we had a special surprise for every day of December hidden inside our Advent Calendars! The surprises ranged from Santa Slaps to extra kicks to chocolates and even water bomb fights! Check out the gallery below to see all the Urban Christmas Shenanigans from the month.

October Rugby Sweepstakes Recap

During the months of September and October the #urbanarmy challenge was all about World Cup Rugby! We had 10 challengers competing; the objective was to pick the most winning teams of every game throughout the tournament…. The tally is in, and AMANDA has won the challenge!!! With 36 points, that means she guessed the correct […]

September Rugby Sweepstakes

Instead of a physical challenge this month, we’ve got the #urbanarmy on board with the Rugby World Cup! The rules are: Each week (by Thursday) you pick your winning teams. If your team wins, you get a point. The person with the most points at the end of the tournament WINS it ALL! Games run […]

August’s Challenge – Pushups!

This month’s challenge was Pushups, and the rules were: Do as many pushups as you can, in one go. They must be full pushups. You can do 1 set before and 1 set after class. Add the totals from each set on the board next to your name. Whoever has the most total pushups on […]


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