We’ve confirmed our travel dates for next year’s Thailand trip; we will go from September 19th to Oct 3rd 2020. We are just waiting for the airlines to release the flights so we can confirm pricing, so lock it in and stay tuned for updates!

If you’re loving your training and think that someone you love should love it too – bring them in! Come see reception to pick up a Member’s Only guest pass which allows you to bring someone along for a week of free training!

As it’s getting busier, its easy to mix your gear up with the people around you, so please make sure to check your bag for all your stuff before you leave the gym. Remember its 100 kicks on each leg if you leave something behind, and 200 kicks each leg if you take something that isn’t yours!

We’ve got gym sponsorship opportunities available, please contact Richie at 0413545908 if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor.

Amanda won the Rugby World Cup Challenge!


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